Ralista Petrova
Pleven, Bulgaria
street "Panaiot Volov" № 4
Phone: 0889 46 47 49

Ralista Petrova
                    Ralista Petrova was born on 28 may 1983 in town Levski, Bulgaria.
              Ralitsa graduated the University " St. Cyril and St. Methodius "
              in Veliko Turnovo city, Bulgaria 2005, Faculty of Fine Arts, " Pedagogy of Art ".
              She specialized " Graphics " at prof. Motko Bumov and Milen Dzhanovski.
              Live and work in city Pleven. One of the characteristic things about the paintings of Ralitsa Petrova is that the black colour is missing in them.
              She is an artistic instructor of Art School " Talants " in city Pleven. The children are from 5 to 15 years old in the school.
              They learn different techniques in art / acrylic, watercolor, painting, graphics, and applied arts / Ralitsa Petrova says:
              You have not get it much if you would not give your experience to the next generation .You will reach the top, when it happens.